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Q:  What is the Tour de Dirt

   A:  The Tour de Dirt is, “Oklahoma’s Mountain Bike Championship Racing Series.”  The purpose of the TdD is to provide an annual series of competitive cross country (XC) mountain bike races in or near Oklahoma, whereby a point accumulation process will determine series awards for racers of various ages and skill levels. The TdD is the official USA Cycling Oklahoma State Mountain Bike Championship XC Series. The season will be one calendar year. The series is supported financially through corporate sponsorship, promoter fees, racer fees and race proceeds. The series is run solely by volunteers with a passion for the sport. Each season, a minimum of 75% (after expenses) of the TdD treasury will be used for year end awards. A maximum of 25% will be held over for the following season.

Mountain Bike Racing can be a dangerous sport. Use common sense, ride withinyour own abilities, & always wear a helmet! The Tour de Dirt (TdD), it’s management team, event promoters and CRUNCH Productions assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, injuries, or deaths that may occur as a result of participation in the TdD Series.

Q:  Who runs it

   A:  Crunch Productions or better yet; a groups of guys who stepped in at the end of 2008 to pick up where the previous organizer left off.  More specifically its run by racers just like you.

Q:  Is Crunch Productions a USAC organization

   A:  Yes.  USAC #3589

Q:  Is there a Tour de Dirt Fee?

   A:  In a sense yes.  Each racer must purchase a TdD Series Number Plate for a one time fee of $5.  The place can be purchased at any TdD event and must be presented to register for TdD events.

Q:  Why a fee and what’s it for?

   A:  Running a race series isn’t cheap.  None of us get paid to do this but the bills still add up.  At the end of 2009, 2010, & 2011 the payouts were progressively larger than in previous years.  Class winners in each category and class (20 total) are given jerseys, payouts were given to top three in each category and class, trophies were given to top three in each category and class, and swag was given out as well.  The total paid back to the racers each year is over $7000.00 and was over $10,000 in 2011.  Your licensing fees helped defer that cost allowing us to give back more each year.  We truly appreciate you coming out and supporting the TdD but more so for the support you show each other on race day.

Q:  If I have questions, complaints, or comments where do I go to contact someone?

   A:  Keep the complaints to yourself.  We’re kidding (but not really).  The contact page of this site has the contacts for the TdD Management team.


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